Its concept is based on Lucifer, the darkest of the illuminati. In this line, our vodka is the dirtiest of the purest ones. It is represented by the very same king of darkness in its classic form of black narcissist, seated in its Chester armchair in the middle of the flat land of Tierra del Fuego.


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$ 4.900,00

Additional information

Información adicional


Rye and peated malt vodka.


It has 33 distillations column still.


Activated carbon, volcanic rock and quartz triple filtration.


3 months in stainless steel tanks.


  • Color: Limpid transparent.
  • Nose: On the nose it has underlying notes of leather, humid soil, tobacco, roast chestnuts, and marine notes, of soft alcohol.
  • Palate: On the palate it is an intense and silky, full-bodied vodka, with an elegant finish and underlying sweet malt notes.